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Federica Lecca


A few years ago I made a radical choice that has
forever changed my existence: I decided to live
in a small sailboat.

Living at sea means embarking on a journey of discovery
of themselves, establishing deep bonds and embracing a
rhythm of life synchronized with his bizarre whims.

In this context of change and discovery I have
met my current partner, a sailor who
he called his boat "home" and that he was waiting for a soul
equally adventurous twin.

So we started navigating life together, between
collaboration, waiting and shared silences, up to the
our blessing occurred with the birth of little Marisol.

Together, sailing and growing as a family,
we tell our story to couples and families who
they are curious to know what it means to face the choice
daring to raise a child at sea and how all this can
enrich your life in unimaginable ways.

We can't wait to share some pieces of our life with you: the traditional dishes of our cuisine, the melodies of our millenary music, the fishing adventures and any curiosities about the
our coexistence at sea.


We consider our life as a boundless journey,
a book in which we write a new page every day.

And you are welcome to be a part of it!

Stephen Floris


Stefano is responsible for carefully checking the boat before departure, making sure everything is in perfect condition.


This includes checking that the engines, sails, navigation systems, safety equipment and provisions on board are functioning properly. 


It also plans the itinerary of the journey, taking into account the weather conditions, currents, tides and the geographical characteristics of the route.


Roberta Cubeddu

Ship's assistant

As steward on board, Roberta is responsible for keeping the boat's equipment tidy and clean, including safety materials, navigation devices, sails and various accessories.

But that's not all: he welcomes and helps passengers on board, making them feel immediately at ease, provides information about the boat and the trip and answers questions about the activities on board.

IMG20230509132441-01 (1).jpg

Welcome on board

Get ready to live an unforgettable experience with our close-knit team! Admire the dancing waves of the sea while enjoying a wonderful sailing excursion.


Book your sea adventure now and discover breathtaking scenery and moments of pure relaxation.


Click the button below to book your sailing excursion and enjoy a unique experience in the company of true sea and sailing enthusiasts.

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